Signs You Are Being Lied To

One of the useful talents you can acquire is the ability to feel that you are being lied to. It significantly helps in numerous situations – starting with personal life and ending with work. Sometimes, there are obvious signs that show a person is lying to you. Below, you can find several obvious signs you are being lied to.

A Person Constantly Moves Hands and Feet

As liars tend to be nervous, they often fidget their body around. In particular, they frequently move their hands and feet, sometimes in snatchy, clumsy ways. Liars also open and close their hands rhythmically and often place them in the pockets.

Liars often Cover the Face and Rub the Nose

It is a common movement for the liars to use their hands to cover their faces and mouths. Besides, when a person lies, specific tissues in the nose engorge, which release histamine and make the nose itch. Therefore, it can be argued that when a person rubs the nose, he or she is probably lying.

A Fake Smile Accompanies the Words

A fake smile is often associated with lies. This is because a person who lies has an enlarged activity of the “zygomatic major muscles,” which are located around the lips. This leads to emerging a fake smile, which is not actually a result of being happy.

10 Little Signs You're Being Lied to

The Person’s Pupils Dilate

Our pupils dilate when the brain is working hard, and this concerns coming up with a lie, as well. In addition, when the person holds an unusually long eye contact, it becomes very easy to see how his or her pupils are reacting during the conversation. It is a common delusion that a person who is lying is unable to maintain an eye contact. In reality, liars often hold a more deliberate eye contact than honest people do, and their blinking significantly slows.

Liars often Use Numerous Denial Words

Using plenty of such words as “actually,” “honesty,” or “believe me” is often a sign that you are being lied to. This way, a person tries to genuinely convince you that he or she is telling the truth. Therefore, if your interlocutor is using such words, the chances are that he or she is hiding something.

A Person Crosses His or Her Arms over the Chest

In most cases, liars feel they require a physical barrier. To this end, liars often cross their arms over their chest during the conversation. Besides, to create such kind of barrier, liars may also opt to place an object –a book, cup, or folder – between themselves and the person who they are lying to.

When you are certain that you have been lied to, bring this issue to your interlocutor and give him or her a chance to explain. After it, find a way to overcome it and save the relationship while letting that person understand that you will not be OK to be lied to one more time, or figure out how to move on from that relationship.

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