21 July, 2017

Reasons to Feel Insecure in Your Relationship

When you are in a relationship and really care about your partner, you may start being a bit nervous if any feeling of insecurity starts to creep in. Do not worry, it is normal, however, you should better identify those feelings and try not to bury them. Continue reading to find out how to deal with such feelings.

Everything Started off Unrealistically

Did your relationship begin in summer or at a time when your schedules were almost empty? If yes, it probably was awesome. However, everyday life always steps in eventually, and if your boyfriend is busier than before, you should not be afraid and think that he does not like you anymore. Unless he always lacks time to see you, then relax. This way, each time you see each other will be even better.

You Have a Low Self-Esteem

If you really believe in yourself and know that you deserve your boyfriend, you will never feel insecure in your relationship. Often, insecurity emerges from feeling that you are not good enough and that your boyfriend will realize it and leave you. For this reason, you must love yourself first.

You Are Jealous

Very often, jealousy is a very dangerous emotion. Usually, this feeling emerges from the lack of self-esteem. If you are beautiful, fun and smart, why should you be jealous of anyone else? If that guy is with you, then you must believe it is because he sees and realizes what an amazing person you are. Just enjoy it.

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You Are too Needy

When you call your boyfriend more often than he does and you are constantly making the plans, then as a result you will probably start feeling insecure in your relationships. Try taking a step back to see whether he makes the effort. If he does, just relax. If he does not, then maybe you are better off with a person who will.

He Is Your Main Focus

A person who has a busy life will not have time to be feeling insecure. A person who surrounds himself/herself with family, friends, hobbies and passions and enough “me time” always feels fulfilled and happy and does not have time to worry about his/her relationship. Besides, busy and happy people are very attractive.

You Are Wearing Rose-Tinted Glasses

Often, girls tend to think that their boyfriend is the most awesome person in the world. But you should remember that he is just human and has certain flaws just like any other person does. So, if you think your boyfriend is too good for you, stop thinking that way! Any relationship is an equal partnership. Just accept that this guy is not as fantastic as you are making him out to be and do not let your feeling of insecurity take over.

You Are Over-Analyzing Everything

Maybe you are the kind of person who tends to worry a lot and stress easily over everything. This is not a good thing if you are thinking of a healthy and happy relationship. Just relax and enjoy your boyfriend and the way he makes you feel.

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