This Is What a Perfect Professional Email Signature Looks Like

Previously, it was the job of letterheads and business cards to demonstrate one’s personal or professional brand. But now, when we are all using emails, an email signature should also do this job for us.

Keep in mind that an average employee sends around 40 emails related to their business every day. It means that within a week you might be sending about 200 emails and within a year the number can go up to over 10,000 emails. In each of them, you get the chance to give some information, so that those you are writing to could trust you. And in the very end of your email there is your signature that can help you showcase yourself as an expert, as well as your company and the services you offer.

Would you like to make sure that your signature is doing this job well? Whether you need a professional or a student email signature, from this article you will learn how to create it.

How to Create a Professional Email Signature

An email signature, which a college student or a professional employee should have, does not need to be too long and complex. In fact, it is better to make it short and simple. Use the following tips:

  • Do not make your personal email signature longer than 3-4 lines
  • Choose the specific social media or web links to add them into your signature
  • Never include your email address
  • Be careful while including your personal contact information
  • Include your personal or corporate logo to add authority
  • Be professional and never promote your personal agenda
  • Use the colors that match your logo and the general color scheme of the letter
  • Do not use multiple fonts or animated images
  • Make sure that your personal email signature is optimized for mobile devices

It is also highly advisable to consult with your Human Resources manager or your employee manual when you are creating your personal email signature to make sure that it complies with your company’s privacy policy and legal disclaimers.

And, of course, always double-check your email signature for spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. To make sure that everything is written correctly, you should use online services, such as Grammarly.

Signature Generators You Can Try to Use

To create positive email signatures, you can also use signature generators online. This way, you will create your email signature quickly and easily. Just fill in your personal information, and in a few clicks you will have a brand new beautiful signature.

However, this way to create a personal email signature also has its drawbacks. For example, most of the signature generators will include your email address (which is not good) or an invitation to use their services (which is redundant) into your signature.

To put it simply, on the one hand you are going to have a very well-done signature, but on the other hand, it is going to contain extraneous information. For this reason, you should weigh all the pros and cons of signature generators.

If you decide to use a generator, choose the one of those listed below:

  1. HubSpot’s Email Signature Generator. This generator allows you to add an image to your signature, as well as play with colors and layout of information. With its help, you can add your certifications and social media links, as well as a call-to-action. While creating your signature with this generator, you will need to answer several questions about the company you are working for. Note that your phone number and email address will be included into your signature, if you use HubSpot.
  2. Exclaimer’s Free Email Signature Creator. Using this generator, you can add your social media links, your logo and your company disclaimer. Your email address, as well as a promotional line of text will be added to your signature. However, if you promote their services through your social channels, the branding can be removed.
  3. WiseStamp. This generator allows you to include all kinds of information into your signature, from adding your new YouTube video to asking charity support. Ensure that everything included there is related to your professional field. If you get a monthly plan on WiseStamp, the branding can be removed from your signature.

Signature Examples

Below you can find several examples of how you can write your email signature.

  • Make it plain and simple. To keep your signature simple, include only your name, company, title, and professional contact information.
  • Showcase your social feeds. It is a good idea to add your social media links into your signature, if you want to promote your personal brand or your company.
  • Promote a newsletter. If you add a subscription link into your email signature, you can collect more subscribers. And you should know that the more people are subscribed to your newsletter, the more potential clients you have.

Whatever style you choose, always make sure that your signature is readable on mobile devices.

Other Ways to Improve Your Email Signature

While creating your email signature, think about what you want to communicate with it. What do you want your contact to do when they see it? Is it to learn your name, company, and title? Or, perhaps, it is also to have them visit your website, read your blog, watch your YouTube channel, connect with you on LinkedIn, register for an event, or do something else?

Even if you want all of the above-mentioned, make sure to choose only one or two things to avoid overloading your signature. Remember that your aim is to let your contact get the information they need to know from your signature, not to choose one link among dozens of them.

Now you are ready to create your email signature. Go ahead and do it!