17 March, 2017

Positive Tips: How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Sometimes negative thoughts can bring us a better understanding of ourselves and point out to something that has to be fixed. But most of the time they represent nothing but a bad mental habit that diminishes our joy from living and makes us miserable. Just like a little snow ball turns into a huge one when being rolled, so a little negative thought or emotion turns into a giant ball of pain and misery. Why carrying this pain? While no one wants to carry it, not many know how to get rid of negative thinking. Here are my top 10 tips on how you can decrease its destructive effect:

Overcome negative thoughts

  1. Practice Yoga or Meditation. Sages of the past knew how to be constructively positive, that is why they created yoga and meditation. These ancient techniques can teach you how to choose stillness and find an eye of the storm in every hurdle. They help you relax your mind and body, get back to the present moment and become closer to your inner self.
  2. Smile. Even when you are sad. Smile because your body remembers that when you smile, something good is happening, so when you start smiling the programming of your body will also change your mood. Smile more often and life will smile back.
  3. Surround Yourself with Positive People. You do not have to support toxic relationships, because your life is too short for it. Stick to those who can always see a brighter side and learn from them.
  4. Change the Angle of Your Thoughts. If you are thinking “I will have a very difficult day tomorrow, I wish I could escape it”, you are creating a bad programming. Look on the bright side and think “Tomorrow will be a difficult day, but I will face it with courage. After all it will pass away too”. Feel the difference?
  5. Don’t Play Victim. You have all the responsibility for your life. Not 10%, not 50%, not even 90%, but 100%. Always know that if there is a person who can save you – it is you.
  6. Help someone. We are so focused on our own problems. Shift your focus to those who have REAL problems, go out and help them. Your imaginary problems will fade away when you help others.
  7. Move On. We are human beings and we all make mistakes. If you have made a mistake, do not live in it. Learn from this experience and move on.
  8. Sing. There are plenty of ways to become happier, and this one brings lots of joy. Sing your favorite song with excitement and energy and you will notice that your negative thoughts are fading away.
  9. List five things that you are grateful for. Appreciation brings great joy and peace into one’s heart.
  10. Read positive quotes. Not just read them, but also think about them. Understand them and make them a part of your experience.  

Life is what you make it. Make it a good one.

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