National Baseball Hall of Fame

MLB players coming into the Hall of Fame requires at the least 75% of votes from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America or the Veterans Committee. The majority of baseball fans perceive it as a way of inducting a player into the Hall, but procedure evades the laws of logic. Never has a player been selected into the Hall of Fame without opposition.

According to the percentage of votes they got, there are 10 best baseball players in the Hall of Fame. Let us have a look at their sports achievements.

List of baseball sport achievements

Johnny Bench

Johnny Bench is the most prominent catcher in baseball history. He is the owner of ten Gold Gloves, few MVPs, the Rookie of the Year prize, and others. In 1989, he got 96.42% of votes.

Mike Schmidt

Michael Schmidt won three MVP prizes, nine Gold Gloves, and a lot of other awards. He was ranked with 96.52% in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

National Baseball Hall of Fame

Greg Maddux

You may wonder how a lefty finds himself in the top ten. Actually, Greg has 97.2% of votes from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America for winning fifteen games in seventeen seasons. He won several  Gold Gloves.

Tony Gwynn

Gwynn has been awarded with eight batting titles and five Gold Gloves in the course of his career. In 2007, his 97.61% of votes introduced him into the Hall of Fame.

Hank Aaron

Most baseball fans know Aaron and the number 755. The man who broke the well-known record has 97.83%. His record still stands as the sixth in history.

George Brett

George Brett also has a list of remarkable achievements. In 1999, he notched up 98.19% of votes from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

Ty Cobb

Tyrus was possibly the most prominent baseball player. He received 98.23% of votes and held one of the top marks in baseball history. Ty may not have been a perfect person; however, he was a good baseball player.

Cal Ripken

Cal Ripken was one of the most remarkable baseball players. His outstanding record —2,632 games played in a row — has never been beaten. In 2007, he got 98.53% of votes, and, consequently, the third place in the Hall of Fame history.

Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan has the greatest amount of strikeouts in the history of baseball. He made his way into the Hall in 1999 with 98.79% of votes, which makes him the second best player in history.

Tom Seaver

Seaver has got the greatest percentage of votes from the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. In 1992, the Association gave him 98.84% of votes. It means that five voters out of 430 did not consider him worthy of such an honor.

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