Maximizing Study Time in College

Do you find it difficult to mix up studying, friends, and work? If your answer is “yes”, than I perfectly understand you. Because I was in your shoes! However, there are techniques that can help you to maximize your study time and to become more productive. Learn them to become the master of your time.

Wake up a little earlier

It will give you some free time to read through your class notes before you go to classes. This tip is easy to follow if you’re a lark, and it is more difficult to stick to, if you’re an owl. For both types, the advice on waking up early is the same – put your alarm clock in the other side of the room, wash your face with the chilling-cold water, and wake your body up by some energizing exercises.

​Create audio notes 

This way you can study even when your eyes are tired or your hands are busy with something else. You can listen to the audio notes when going somewhere in a bus or just walking. This great advice can save you a lot of time, especially if you’re an audial type. If you have no idea how to create audio notes, Google it.


Send notes to your phone 

The next thing after the previous advice is to send audio-notes to your phone. This will allow you to listen to them wherever you are.

​Say “No” if you know you need to study 

You have at least one or two things that you can say "no" to. Isn’t it so? Don’t say “yes” to everything that you are asked to do – it’s counterproductive. Also, review your activity for the last two months. If you see that you are a part of too many teams, clubs and activities, or maybe, spend too much time with your friends, cut back some time to study a little bit more. Let yourself be busy only with the activities that you really enjoy – go to one sport club instead of three, take a walk with friends whose company you really like, etc. If you rationalize your schedule, you will find that you’re getting more joy, because you’re doing the activities that you really like, and you have more time to study.

If you follow these tips, your grades will get better and your stress levels will decrease.

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