Manage Your First Relationship in College

A cute girl attracted your attention within your first days at college, but you don’t know what to do? Are you afraid of having new acquaintances? This essay will explain some particular approaches of handling such a fact as ‘relationships in college’ and how they differ from a relationship at high school.

Get familiar with each other

College is a place where people don’t really know who you are. Your girlfriend is not probably familiar with your parents and childhood friends. Get more familiar with her by asking questions.

You both can have sleepovers now

It’s a time when parents are not around and not telling you what to do. Now you can spend as many nights with your girlfriend as you want. The so-called ‘sleepover’ is a common thing within college life and it has nothing to do with any ‘sexual’ activities.

Now you have a roommate

Having roommates means sometimes irritate them with your girl sleeping over.  Agree on any plans with them to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Prioritize your time

Everything requires your time. Balancing between major tasks (e.g. studying, friends, and girlfriend) is a key to good relationships.

You have more freedom

Unlike high school, schedule in college is completely up to you. Want to play truant in order to hang out with your girl? No one will have any objections to you.

How to make up your first relations in college successful

Distant relationships

Most of the time, girls you like are not from your hometown, and you are usually separated for winter and summer holidays. Still, you can plan some trips to meet each other once in a while.

Find compromises

Having a girlfriend means always finding compromises. “We are spending time together with my girlfriend with each other’s friends. Unfortunately, we don’t have friends in common,” said a student from the University of Missouri.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your college relationship, you can use these tips and tricks below:

  • Catch new experience: there are a lot of possibilities, where you have chances to try new things. I bet there are a lot of girls to hang out with around college.
  • Reminders of the past: keep old photos to know who you were before coming to school.
  • Be wise: relations shouldn’t rule over your college life. Try also to make new friends and get your average score as high as possible.
  • Spend time separately: don’t always spend each free minute in college on being together. Do something separately and you will be closer to it in the end.
  • Create enjoyable experiences together: study all night in a library together or play truant to have some time together  (as long as they don’t require attendance, and you can ask for notes later).

Relationships are always different regardless it’s a school or college. The idea is to remember that trust, honesty, and capability are parts of every successful relationship. Study and grow together but don’t forget to have fun, my friends.

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