24 June, 2016

Major College Problems

One of the recent researches in the sphere of college life was devoted to main problems of campus life. The majority of respondents noted that there are three problems they are greatly worried about: education prices, stress and alcohol.

Researchers had spoken to more than 1 thousand college students on different topics to define what are the main problems of students’ life nowadays. Each of them was offered the list of 21 problems to define the major 3 of them. 63% of full-time students claimed that the first place can be given to the problem of high prices for studying. Most of them fully accepted the statement that ‘studying today is too expensive’.

biggest problems in campus

Another research claimed that actually average college prices remain the same during a long time. That means that most of colleges monitored haven’t raised prices for a long period of time, despite the fact students believe they are paying more now.  But money problem is not the only one students define as the primary.

The next part of respondents – 38% - claim stress to be one of the greatest problems which prevents them from slow paced life. And the last group which consists of 32% of people names alcohol problem as one of the main.

The survey of 2008 which deals with the problems of students published an approval data. More than 80% of US students claim to have daily stress sometimes or frequently. Talking about alcohol, most of students who drink alcohol are claimed to have 3-4 drinks per two hours.   

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