Library Lockdown: Must-Haves

Library Lockdown: Must-HavesHello everyone! Once, I was asked how I manage my time and when I find spare moment to study. Let me share my big secret. Every fortnight I pretend to have some really important task and lock myself in the library. There so many things I have to take care about, and staying on top of my studying is one of them. We all remember those moments when you have tons of reading to finish, 12 page essays to write and much more. Sounds familiar, right?

So today I want to share my experience in surviving a whole day in the library (no matter what your task is: cramming for exam, doing your research or completing reading).

# 1. Hot Beverage. I’d recommend coffee or black tea (as peppermint may put you to sleep). If there is a chance to get refill or make it cheaper, take your thermo cup. 

# 2. Headphones. This is extremely important if you are easily distracted. There are always some people in the library: talking, chewing or simply mumbling while reading. Also check your chargers, not to run back and force to your dorm room. Save some time. 

# 3. Some treats. I always try to go for some health snacks, but here is the problem of chewing or crunching (as much as I love carrots, the sound of it drives some people nuts). My nutritionist says pop-corn is the healthiest snack, but I could barely survive lockdown without some chocolate or power bar. 

# 4. Planner (Organizer). I highly doubt I could pull through academic year without my Plum Paper Planner. It seems impossible to keep in mind all those appointments, classes and deadlines, especially closer to finals. And of course, tons of extracurriculars I have to remember and attend. 

#5.  Comforter. This depends on season and you library climate. I usually take a lap rug and a pair of socks to make sure I’m warm enough not to run back home an hour later. 

# 6. Pencil (and highlighter). Make sure to take something to write with (many times have I found myself not being able to write down something important). I also like to take highlighters to underline all important elements. 

This is my list of most important things. Do you have anything to add?

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