Jogging in the USA in Winter

The USA is a vast country with a great variety of climate conditions. While south people enjoy their scorching sun, their north fellow citizens celebrate the New Year with -15°C. If you think, it is difficult to accustom yourself to the sun “fully on” or to the chilliest temperature ever, here are some tips for every person living in America.

Tips for Winter Holidays


Here you will rarely find a clear sky, while rain and wind are the most common weather conditions.

1. Find a waterproof coat. It is difficult to sit at home all the time. So, look for a piece of cloth to keep you dry, whenever you go out.

2. Do jogging during the day. Even if the winter weather seems gloomy, there will still be some days with the sun. You will feel much warmer if you get your muscles to work.

3. Run with your friends on popular tracks. It is always more exciting and less boring to see your fellows with you. So, why not to use the moment and join them during this gray winter days.



A mild temperature with a decent amount of the solar heat makes winter jogging not so challenging.

1. Put on something breathable. A light T-shirt with long sleeves will be a perfect outfit for morning running. Despite feeling a little bit chill, you will definitely get warmer while jogging.

2. Find a partner. Snow is not a common phenomenon in this part of the USA. However, it may easily catch you by surprise. Take a friend of yours, whom you can rely on, in case of an unexpected weather challenge.

3. Warm up in the gym. If it really happened, and the snow finally paid you a visit, go to the gym. Work on your muscles and surely try the treadmill.


What is the most common weather in winter here, you may ask? It is definitely snow; a lot of snow!

1. Warm clothes. Take on some extra T-shirts and surely a decent jacket. You can always tie extra pieces of cloth on your waist, but if you do not have anything to wear, while feeling chill, there is a chance to end up with a cold.

2. Do not run alone. An accountable partner always helps you get out of an accident, whatever it is.

3. Have a plan B. If the cold is unbearable, be sure to have a way out. The treadmill in the local gym is the best variant.


Here are not many favorable conditions to work out; however, if you want, you will definitely manage to.

1. Change the location. Winter in the metropolis is not the best time to do jogging. Find a place outside the city and go for a long journey.

2. Get on a decent outfit. Long sleeves, warm jacket, running leggings, a hat and surely a pair of gloves – that is what you really need to keep yourself comfortable.

3. Treadmill as a back-up plan. If even your dog refuses to go for a walk because his tail gets frozen outside, maybe, jogging outside is not a good idea. Find a gym, choose an appropriate treadmill program, and complete your everyday minimum.

Therefore, as you can see, you can do jogging wherever you live; it does not matter what weather conditions are there outside – it is only about your desire and determination.

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