Ideas for Celebrating Parents' Day

Parents’ Day is a relatively new holiday: people began to celebrate it in 1994. The aim of the holiday is to acknowledge the hard work our parents do for us on a daily basis. It is a perfect day to spend quality time with your parents and show them how much you appreciate their love and support. Here you can find a list of ideas for celebrating the holiday, which can help you make it a very special day for your family.  

No Smartphones

Just for this one day, focus on your parents more than on your social networks notifications or incoming calls. Don’t let technologies distract you from celebrating this holiday together with the ones who mean the world to you, your parents.

Memory Book

Together with your parents, create a memory book devoted to the happiest times of your life. Beforehand, prepare scissors, glue, colorful stripes, photos and some small yet meaningful things, like postcards, tickets, etc. While working on such a creative project, you will reminisce about your best funny and touching moments.

Cooking Together

Working as a team definitely helps to make your relationships stronger, so why don’t you cook something delicious together? In addition, not only will you cook together, but you will eat your meal together as well. So, that means even more time for chatting, family jokes and sweet memories.

Great family

Say “Thank You!”

What you should definitely do on Parents’ Day is just thank your parents for everything they do for you. Show them that their everyday efforts mean a lot to you.


If the weather is nice and sunny, you can have a family picnic at some beautiful spot in a park or in the woods. Fresh air and tasty snacks make a nice combination, don’t they?

Game Night

Playing different games is a great way to have fun together with your parents. It would be even more exciting if you prepare some small prizes for the winners of each game you play.

Visit Them

If you live separately from your mom and dad and don’t see them often, find some time to visit them on Parents’ Day. It will be the most valuable present for them.

Help Around the House

If your parents have a big to-do list, take over some of their duties and make this day a little bit easier for them.

As you can see, you don’t necessary need to do something extraordinary to make your mom and dad happy on Parents’ Day.

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