How to Organize a Homework Schedule?

Starting from the first year in college, I used to take 15 credits on average, considering the fact that 18 is a maximum for a full time student. I had always been doing well in high school that is why I planned to work my butt off during the first year. Unfortunately, I found out that I was totally unprepared for doing such a big amount of homework. Still, I had to invent something to cope with all the assignments and I found a way out. After I had created a schedule for my homework, I learned how to manage my time and submit all the assignments without delays.

Before the Quarter Begins

When I get the syllabus in the beginning of the quarter, I put all the important assignments, tests, quizzes into my Google Calendar. Even though many due dates change, having all the tasks recorded in my planner gives me general idea about the amount of work I have to do during the quarter.



  1. When my school day comes to the end, I check my Google Calendar and write down all the homework I have to do today in my bullet journal.
  2. I pack the stuff needed to complete the homework and go to the library. From my own experience, campus library is the best place to do the assignments. It is quiet and it eliminates most distractions that may influence my productivity.
  3. I usually spend 3-5 hours in the library. On the other hand, I do not study 5 hours in a row. After every 50 minutes of work, I take a 10 minutes break to renew my strength.
  4. After studying in the library, I like to distract myself from studying and give my brain a rest. Usually, I watch movies on Netflix, meet with my friends, go to the gym, or take part in campus parties.

Creating a homework schedule will help you to be an organized student. Follow these tips to make your own study plan and always be on time with your assignments!

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