How To Cope With College Problems

Things will not always go according to the plan – the earlier you will understand and accept this simple truth the better. Speaking about deviation from the initial plan, you can expect a lot of such things during your college life. This article will cover five tips to destress college students who face problems. Let’s take a closer look at them:

How to Cope with Stress

  1. Stay calm. Panic is never a good decision. Do you know the Buddhist approach to solving problems? There are four routes that you can take:
  • Do you have a problem? – No – There’s nothing to worry about.
  • Do you have a problem? – Yes – Is it serious? – No – There’s nothing to worry about.
  • Do you have a problem? – Yes – Is it serious? – Yes – Can you solve it? – Yes. – There’s nothing to worry about.
  • Do you have a problem? – Yes – Is it serious? – Yes – Can you solve it? – No. – There’s nothing to worry about.

You see in all cases the solutions are always the same – there’s nothing to worry about. While the first three routes can be understood, what about the fourth one? Well, it deals with things that we can’t influence. These are the things like weather, old age and global events. In any case, the best thing is not to worry at all because, in the end, it makes absolutely no sense.  

College problems

  1. Let go your expectations. If your grades at a high school where high then you may expect the same results in the college. However, college is much more difficult and you shouldn’t create high expectations. Just work to the best of your ability and try to become better at what you’re doing every day. The fewer expectations you have, the less stress you will experience because when something goes not in accordance with the picture we have in our heads, we get upset naturally.  
  2. Ask others to help you. There are certain people whom you trust and in situations when you feel stressed or need an opinion of others, you’d better ask those people to help you. You may also ask your family to assist you. Sometimes a fresh look on the matter that you see as hopeless, can reveal new solutions and ideas. 
  3. Appeal for mercy! Talk to people who are responsible for obstacles that you can’t cope with at the moment. Explain your challenges and appeal for compassion. They’re human beings too, so chances are they will try to help you.
  4. De-stress. Meditate at least 20 minutes a day and it will release your head from unnecessary mental clutter. Do it daily and you will notice how your life changes.

Always remember that your problems are not the end of the world. Recollect the people who are starving, think about soldiers who are fighting wars with riffles in far countries and think about children in slums. Do you still think that you have problems?

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