How to Be Confident at College

Self-confident people are ruling our world. They know their worth, don’t dwell on failures, and feel good about themselves. Sounds like something you’re lacking? Not surprising, studies show that the third of young people have low self-esteem and are riddled with insecurities.

Not only does the way you see yourself affect your success in studying or work, but it also influences your relationships and even physical health. That’s why being self-confident at college, the breaking point of your life, is absolutely essential. Here are a few things you can do to develop your feeling of self-assurance and help yourself relish every day of your life.

Assess Yourself

The first step towards self-appreciation is determining what exactly you should be appreciated for. Make a list of your virtues, positive features, and strengths. What skills do you have? Why do your friends like you? What makes you unique? Put everything down and read it slowly. By doing it, you’ll realize how many things make you strong and special. Appreciate it.

Baby Steps

Building your confidence doesn’t mean you have to overcome all your fears in one go. The key to success is taking small steps and working on each issue separately. Nothing will boost your confidence more than a series of small personal victories. So instead of covering a vast range of tasks, focus on the most important thing. Once you achieve your goal, you’ll feel great and will be motivated to succeed in something else.


Fake It Till You Make It

Have you ever heard of a positive feedback loop? This technique can be applied for developing certain behavioral patterns by faking them. So thinking that you’re self-confident can actually lead to you developing this quality in real life. For example, when you’re feeling out of place in a new class where you know no one, pretend like you belong there, because in reality you do, just like everyone else, and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll feel more comfortable in that environment.

Collect Positivity

In order to have something that will help you move forward, create a collection of your success. Essays you’re particularly proud of, positive feedback from your professors, nice small messages from friends, or highly-graded assignments – whatever fills you with pride and the feeling of self-accomplishment, keep it close. It will give you strength in the moment of self-doubt and help you keep going.

For some of us, self-confidence is an innate trait while for others it’s a goal to be achieved. It won’t go smoothly all the time. You’ll have bad days when everything seems wrong, you’ll meet people who excel better at things you do, you’ll feel uncertain. That’s okay. Just go back to that list of your qualities, remember that you’re a unique human being, and keep going.

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