How to Appreciate Your Own Beauty Part 2

I have already mentioned in Part 1 that I wish I had appreciated myself when I was young, instead I was extremely worried about my looks.

Here are some pieces of advice on how to realize your beauty and its importance.

Love yourself without makeup

When I was 22, I had a boyfriend who has never seen me without makeup. There were days when I would get out of bed early and put on my makeup before he woke up. Later, we broke out because of my adult acne. My boyfriend was very vainglorious, by the way. With time, I found out that he constantly cheated on me, always searching for another pretty girl he could introduce to his friends.

So, do not hide your natural beauty under makeup. I often see beautiful women who would look much better without those layers of makeup.

Do not be shallow

I was quite shallow when I was in my twenties. No, I am not proud of this. I was too much into how people looked. I even chose boyfriends because they were good-looking.

If you are too obsessed with your looks, stop it. Look at the world outside. There are so many wonderful things to focus on! You will become much happier and satisfied with your life when you move past being shallow.

Know Your Own Beauty (part 2)

Accept everyone has different tastes

One of the bad things about looking for outside validation for the way you feel about your appearance is that all of us have different tastes. Someone may find you very pretty and attractive whereas other people will not.

I used to be very thin in my twenties. The men who liked curves on women did not find me attractive. I suffered from the feelings of inadequacy because many men did not think I was beautiful. Now, I realize what a horrible waste of my time that was. Fortunately, there were guys who considered petite girls attractive.

Do not ever try to appeal to everybody. Do not look at yourself through other people’s eyes. You have to realize that you are beautiful from your own perspective.

Realize people see much more than your appearance

We are all attracted to beauty. Sure, being beautiful always helps to get people’s attention. However, a person cannot hold that attention if he or she has nothing behind that attractive appearance.

Years ago, I met a friend of my friend. That girl had an incredibly beautiful appearance. She was stunning to look at until she started to talk. I found out that she was a bit conceited. She was convinced she was better than the others just because of her look. When I realized what kind of person she was I have never thought of her as beautiful again.

Therefore, if you have nothing behind your attractive look, people will eventually lose their interest to you.

You have numerous marvelous gifts to offer to the world. Be kind to yourself and people around you, and you will notice much more beauty in your life.

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