How to appreciate Your Own Beauty Part 1

How I wish I could have understood my beauty when I was 20. I would have definitely appreciated it much more. I would have been more attentive and kind to myself. I wish that I could have said “You are beautiful” to myself and really meant it. Instead, I was obsessed with my weight, my skin, and my hairstyle. Instead of accepting myself, I was extremely worried about my looks.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw only flaws. Now, that I have grown up, eventually and thankfully, I appreciate my beauty.

Here are my pieces of advice on knowing and really appreciating your beauty.

Do not ever compare yourself to celebrities

When I was a teenager I liked watching modelling magazines. It was the beginning of the 90’s and such models as Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer were at the peak of their glory. Those magazines were filled with pictures of magnificent and beautiful women.

One day my friend asked me whether I found those pictures depressing. Strangely, but I did not. I realized the difference between what you can see in photos and how a person actually looks.

Know Your Own Beauty (part 1)

My favorite part of the magazines was that one where they would have numerous magazine covers of one particular model. It was really awesome for me. Those pictures were taken from different places in the world and mostly were very artistic. I was impressed by how they could make a model look like a different person in each magazine cover – and this was before Photoshop was designed.

Now, Photoshop is used everywhere. You can remove any imperfection and make your skin look perfect, to the point where it does not look like skin anymore and looks more like plastic. Using Photoshop, you can easily make your face wider, neck longer, cheekbones higher, and breasts bigger.

One more important thing to note is that every celebrity is selling a brand. It is their job to have a certain look and most of them have personal nutritionists, trainers, and make up people to present them to the audience looking a certain way.

Accept your uniqueness

I really admire people who realize their potential and incredibility. We do not have to look like copies of one another. It is your uniqueness that makes you extraordinary and beautiful. The shape of your face, shape of your eyes, the dimples on your cheeks, the way you smile, laugh, and walk – all these are unique to you. You just have to realize how marvelous and beautiful you are due to that.

Stop that battle with the mirror

Non-confidence makes us look in the mirror too often. Many of us tend to scrutinize ourselves until the moment of self-loathing. Stop doing it! Do not pick out your flaws. Do not pay too much attention to each blemish.

Picking yourself to bits will not make you feel good or happy. It can just make you miserable. There are hundreds of other great things you could be doing instead.

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