How to Appreciate Your Attractiveness and Beauty

In this article, I am going to share with you the last of my personal ideas on how to appreciate your attractiveness and beauty. These thoughts helped me a lot to realize and appreciate my own attractiveness and beauty, and I hope they will help you, as well.

Feel beautiful at any age

If you do not feel comfortable in your own skin at 20 or 30, you will soon realize that the life will be much crappier at 40.

You should not learn the hard way. Start realizing and appreciating your attractiveness and beauty as early as possible. When you truly love yourself and realize you actually are beautiful and attractive you will definitely have a much better attitude when it comes to aging.

Do not fall back upon cosmetic surgery

I am worried about how much young people are obsessed with their appearance. People in their twenties are getting Botox now. They fall back upon liposuction, various kinds of implants, and face lifts galore. They start to look quite freaky with all those fillers. Just my personal point of view, but fake sucks.

Please understand that no cosmetic surgery can help you if you have that deep sense of self-loathing. No one likes wrinkles, but there is a great difference between hating yourself and hating wrinkles.

Know Your Own Beauty (part 3)

Concentrate on health

There is one important thing that I eventually realized. It is not about having a beautiful appearance, but it is about being healthy.

You have to understand that health caring concerns not only older people. I know some young people who are struggling with eating disorders at their twenties, as well as the ones who have serious health problems. I have even lost some of my good friends in their twenties because of illnesses.

Of course, most of us feel bulletproof at the young age, but our bodies still need looking after.

Realize that having a beautiful looking body outside that is unhealthy inside is not good to any person, no matter what age he or she is. So, first of all, concentrate on your health and not on your appearance.

Concentrate on inner beauty

Now you may think that I am going to convince you that inner beauty is much more important than your appearance. No, I am not going to do that because they are both important. Without realizing and appreciating your inner beauty, you will not appreciate your external look. Do not neglect your inner world. If you do so, your outside look will not mean a thing. By ignoring who you really are, you become a simple good-looking shell without any substance. Alternately, when you feel incredible that your appearance is fascinating, it provides your inner beauty with a chance to shine through.

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