Habits to Improve your Life

Habits to Improve your Life

  • Practice changing "sorry" for "thank you" each time you feel it's the right moment.

Amazingly, but somehow we tend to over-apologize in almost every single situation even when there is no need to seriously apologize at all. The reasons for such behavior might be simply your attempt to please the others. If you feel that you get used to over-apologizing, it's high time you got rid of this habit. Do you know why? It does affect your confidence, it undermines it totally. What to say about the way other people view you just because of you, the "the king of sorry." Try to swap your usual "sorry" for "thank you" every time you feel it's a suitable situation.

Start with your common apology, let's be honest everyone has a trouble with that sort of thing, your running late for the appointment. Replace the expected "sorry I'm late" for "thank you for your patience." This way, you are escaping from a terrible look and concentrate on the person you're apologizing to.

  • Make reading your daily habit, be more systematic by reading for a set amount of time.

I doubt that you've ever counted the number of your reading pages and time. Could you imagine that reading for only half an hour daily, is enough to finish a book every four or two weeks? That might be 12 to 24 books read in a year, surely this number varies on what books you prefer reading.

  • Throw away at least one unnecessary thing every day.

This golden rule sounds very simple: don't put it down, get rid of it! We might not realize how messy our apartment and consequently, our life might be just because of that stuff we actually might not need at all. Why should we spend our precious time on putting things down or taking them from one place to another if there is no need to keep them at all? How much do you need by the way? I do like the idea of minimalism lifestyle and all that decluttering policy. That well-known book of Marie Kondo "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" is the most incredible book ever! After reading it, you'll absolutely change your tidying habits and your attitude towards the things that surround you.

  • If you have something that will take you only 2 minutes to be done, then do it right here and right now!

Once you try following this rule, you'll definitely notice the difference. Life changing magic as it is. Don't postpone the tasks even the smallest ones, if they are going to take only 2 minutes. Just think of it. What do these two minutes mean in the universe? You'll be surprised that not every bad thing that you've always thought to think of is that bad. Make it a habit, and get shocked how many tasks you've already accomplished. Don't feel like you can manage it? It might be only your mental block, nothing else.

  • Go to sleep and get up at the same time.

It goes about the recovery from insomnia, and insurance of your consistent sleep/rise times as one of the essential elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI).

  • Plan your next day every night before you go to bed.

Make it a daily habit to create a "to-do list" before going to sleep. Nothing new, really. All you'll have to do the following day is just to review your to-do list. By the way, how often do you write a to-do list, and do you write to-do lists at all? Or do you find them just a waste of time and nothing useful? Then why don't you try this procrastination buster?

  • Do the dishes every day & make your bed before leaving the house.

Nothing could be compared to the pleasure of returning home where the dishes are done and the bed looks like the one from the suit when you are tired and exhausted. Sometimes, the prettiest things are the ones that are the simplest ever.

  • Three new words a day.

Everyone has at least one language they are in love with. For me personally, the way French sounds is like the most wonderful notes of music ever! Start with the language you are passionate about, or even if you can't call yourself a language lover, just choose any which interests you most. Or maybe you've always dreamed about a trip to Milan, so why won't you start learning Italian? Just a new three words a day, and watch how consistently your vocabulary is growing! Should it be mentioned that your memory is improving each time of your daily learning?

  • Practice meditation.

Even if it's a totally unknown thing for you, try meditating. I'd say if you have never practiced meditation in your life, you must reveal yourself this miraculous thing ever. You shouldn't expect that you'll get all advantages and realize the sense of meditation immediately. It takes some time. Start with 5 minutes a day, and then gradually increase your process to 20 minutes. You'll see your mind from another perspective, like it or lump it. The ability to calm down your thoughts and control your mind, that's the reason why everyone at least must try mediation. As this ability to be the king of your messy mind which is always full of thoughts that are swirling around is simply amazing and worth trying to do anything to take control of them.

  • Buy a pair of running shoes.

This pair should be one of the shoes of your dream, don't be cheap as it worth your money! Run and try to do it at least three times a week, or you may run every morning which is surely the best!

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