Father's Day: Answering the FAQs

Are you excited to learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Father’s Day? In this article, we’ve gathered them all for you. Enjoy!

Why do we have Father's Day?

The idea of this holiday originates from the USA, where it is officially observed every year since 1966, on the third Sunday of June. The exact moment when the idea appeared is unclear. However, we know for sure that about a century ago there was a movement for establishing a day to celebrate fatherhood.

Some sources say that it was the idea of Sonora Dodd. In 1910, she learnt that Mother’s Day had been established and started wondering why fathers didn’t have a day to celebrate themselves as well. It was easy to understand why this question was bothering her. Her siblings and Dodd’s father raised them alone due to the fact that their mother died giving birth. So Dodd started a campaign asking to officially recognize Father’s Day. She got support from the Ministerial Association of Spokane and the local YMCA. Soon a number of cities and towns followed suit, and the first Father’s Day was celebrated in 1910.

Another version attributes the appearance of Father’s Day to another woman – Grace Golden Clayton. In 1908, she suggested honoring fatherhood, basing on a tragic event. A mine exploded in a town near where she lived that took lives of over 360 men. Grace thought that giving the children of these men a day to commemorate their fathers is a very appropriate thing to do.

No matter the exact origin, we may now enjoy celebrating Father’s Day and tell our dads how much we love them!

Happy father and son

When did Father’s Day become official in the USA?

From the beginning, American presidents supported this celebration unofficially. Senator Margaret Chase Smith even said in 1957 that it was important to honor both parents. Otherwise, it would be better to honor none. In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson placed it into the official calendar of the country. And in 1972, President Richard Nixon made it a national holiday.

How is Father's Day celebrated in other countries?

For example, in Germany, this celebration is called either Men’s Day or Father’s Day. Traditionally, men gather in groups and go to the woods taking much beer, wine, and food with them. Drinking much alcohol is usually part of the celebration.

In China, this holiday was initially celebrated on August 8. The reason is simple. “Eight” in Chinese is “ba” and “daddy is “ba-ba”. Therefore, the 8th day of the 8th month pronounces very akin to “daddy”! But now China also celebrates this day on the third Sunday of June.

Does a stepfather's day exist?

No. However, many people think there has to be.

Has the role of a father changed?

Yes, over the last generation, this role has changed noticeably. Now most fathers don’t consider career to be more important than family anymore.

And how are you going to celebrate your father this year?

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