What is Your Digital Footprint?

It seems like we can’t imagine our lives without social media. Photos, likes, reposts are vital part of everyday interaction, but we do not think how it may reflect on our social profile. Have you ever wondered if employers check on your profiles? Let me tell you – they do! That is why you need to take a good care of it.


There are some studies that prove that over 70 percent of recruiters check Facebook profiles of potential candidates, before sending an interview invitation. What will they see? Highly-motivated and well-behaved professional OR a slob that drags around every party in the district? What posts will they see and what shares may they find? Some of my colleagues and friends tend to change their real names (which seems not that bad, if you want to keep some privacy from curious people out there).


Linked in is a professional network you need to use carefully. Everything you post there or every person you add may influence your whole career. It’s not only an online resume, but a powerful tool to boost your CV: your connections may reflect great people you worked with, your endorsements may show what skills you have. Take some time to set your page up, however don’t forget to update it regularly!

Your Digital Footprint


It is one of the most public networks among all! Unless it’s set as private, every letter you tweet goes public. Moreover everyone can see who you follow and what time do you post. If you post anything work-related or complain about your boss, you may find yourself unemployed. Also, not really a good practice, to be subscribed to @bigboobies or @BNP, unless you apply for a job in sex trade sphere.

Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Youtube

There is a reason why all these networks are called social. Everything you post can be seen by so many people you can’t even imagine! Remembering the theory of six handshakes, you know your potential employee might have seen your pics from last party or the COUB piece you ex’s posted. Be careful or make it private!

Positive Side

You know you can take advantage of this? Share some things related to your industry, get useful contacts, create a profile that will make you proud!

Good luck!


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