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Best College Search Apps 2018

You are snowed under with college assignments? It seems that you have tried everything and there is no way out? Then there is a solution to improving your situation. The apps that will help you with your homework are exactly what you need. Just imagine, there are some very handy and motivational apps which do not cost you anything. There is a great number of computer science tools with basic interface free of charge. In order to push you closer to your dreams, we have compiled a list of the favored free homework apps created for tutees.

Maintaining a Schedule

This is a wise decision to keep all the documents, timetables, and significant information in a folder that will be constantly backed up. Also, keep in mind that it should be secure enough.

  1. Dropbox is one of the top software programs to contemporize the data on the Internet and on your personal computer. It is a safe cloud drive that allows having a free storage size of 2 GB. What is more, after installation, you will be able to share files with other users.
  2. Evernote. It is totally wrong to ignore the instant ideas that sometimes crash you, they are better to be written down and saved then. Download Evernote to any device you use and realize the benefits.
  3. Notely. This app is really convenient to help with your daily schedule. Add there all arrangements, classes, and even deadlines coming. Why not make your routine a little bit more organized?
  4. Picwing. The program allows you to work with your photos and send edited versions home without effort. Utilizing Picwing requires paying, but the price is reasonable. Uploading is possible from different devices including mobiles. Additionally, you could add some message on the photo’s back.
  5. Remember the Milk. If it is difficult for you to keep all the things in your head, then use this nice tool to manage your routine and make it organized. The app gives the possibility to create timetables and also share them using email, messages, and IM. 
  6. Soshiku will never let you to fall with your assignments. It monitors all the load college tasks and their deadlines giving you SMS or sending a letter on mail. The app is gratuitous.
  7. Zamzar serves as online file converter. Just imagine, a few clicks and your images, music, videos, PDF files, or other docs could be transformed into any other format, and it all is for free.


  1. is a user friendly app that could definitely help you to produce ideas on a certain topic. The application allows to work on your own or to discuss the subject with your friends employing the method of mind mapping. 
  2. Mindpicnic It is a cool homework app to deal with new material and memorize it. There you can find the appropriate online courses to dig deeper or clarify something. The Web application offers a wide range of lessons on various topics. What is more, you can upload your own tutorials. Again, it is free of charge.
  3. NoteMesh is your free assistant to collaborate with classmates and share some notes. So, you have an access to different materials and have the possibility to edit them.
  4. Wridea. Do not lose the brightest ideas which cross yourself. Write them down and improve later using this service.

Upgrading your Writing Skills

  1. Bibme. Compiling a list of references usually makes students stuck at this very task for a long period of time. Get rid of this tedious work with the help of Bibme app. It creates a list of the sources used automatically. It does not really matters which formatting style your paper requires, APA, Turabian, MLA, etc., the service assist all of them.
  2. Cornell-Notes. This is a quick tool to use during classes or lectures to take note of every single piece of valuable info. You can opt for any convenient form of recording data, for example, graphic, chart, or blank.
  3. EasyBib is the alternative variant of Web application to transform your citations into a fully-fledged bibliography list.
  4. Flowchart is an online web-bases system to team up with your colleagues or group mates. The app is supported by Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari.
  5. Google Docs is a very practical and handy tool to work with documents of different formats, share them with your coworkers, and edit in real-time together. The files are saved in cloud storage, which means that you can work with them on all your devices without downloading. 
  6. OttoBib. This is one more bibliography app, but the thing that makes it distinct from other programs of that kind is that it is extremely accurate.
  7. Zoho Suite is a very helpful and functional website to create presentations and other types of docs.

Make the studying process efficacious with the help of the best apps for the college search. They offer assistance not only with completing all the items in your daily plan on time but could also edit an essay, compile reference page, convert documents, and provide constructive group work using their websites. Therefore, spend less time on the routine work and go through college life successfully.

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