How to Cope WIth Being Sick in College

No doubt no one loves being sick. But getting sick in college is a really great challenge for your physical and mental health. We all know how hard is to deal with all the tasks not feeling well. Sure, this article isn’t an ultimate remedy, but it may give you few tips for better and easier recovery.

Advice on fast illness recovery in college

  • Work with your schedule

There is surely no chance to make your schedule absolutely empty, but you have a chance to rearrange all urgent meetings, so try doing that to get more free time. Stay at home and have a good rest.

  • Traditional sick food

Everybody knows that soup is a kind of food which is considered healing. Is that a proved fact or not, it will never harm you. So cook yourself some delicious broth or soup and get warmer (or even healthier). Anyway, if you are not keen on cooking, there is an option of soup in the cup which you can cook in 5 minutes like coffee by adding hot water.

  • Avoid physical activities

Try to use free time for the things you postponed all the time: read the book you wanted, watch the movies you had no time for. Try to have fun even while sitting at home. Try looking for some materials that can help your studying or overcoming the difficulties of further arranging your schedule after being sick. No, better visit Netflix and have fun!)

  • Take medication

If you suffer from sore throat, there are many ways to fix it. The best way is to use special cough drops. They can have any fruit flavor possible: cherry, banana, strawberry, lemon, apple and etc.  That’s why they don’t look like ordinary pills. Moreover you can always take them with you, because you may never guess when they will be needed.  Or traditional honey is a good option to. There are some creative ways too. My roommate claims that marshmallows are great throat painkillers!

How to Cope With Being Sick in College

  • Wash your hands

Try to stop process only on you being sick. Your roommate’s illness will turn that all into an endless circle and getting well will be postponed to an undefined period. So wash your hands as often as you can to stop germs spread. If you are not sick but the one near you is, try to use some medicine that prevents getting sick, and do your best to avoid your contacts with sick person.

  • Clothes matter

Now you are free to wear anything you want: clothes have to be warm and comfortable. Try to put on a pair of warm socks and stay in your pajama during the whole day. Convenient? Sure it is!)

  • Sleep well

Don’t waste a chance to sleep well while being sick. Good sleep helps to recover faster, to gather strength and to give your body and mind a rest you deserve. Take your time and sweet dreams.

  • Have a little cinema in your room

Watch some movies you admire. Not to have your brain overloaded with the new plot and thinking of new film characteristics, try to go with something familiar and the one you’ve seen lots of times. That may improve your mood and even help you have a nice nap.

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