How to Say “I’m Sorry” and Mean It

Many times saying “I’m sorry” becomes an unbearably difficult endeavor. Our ego cannot simply let us decrease its value, even if it has no value at all and our mistake is evident. Some people don’t know how to say “sorry”, because all their attempts to say it are nothing but attempts to prove that they are right. People are often missing two fundamental components of an apology:

First component: Accepting Responsibility

Even if some people are hard to apologize to, if you have made a mistake and there are objective reasons for you to apologize, you should take the responsibility. Just stay focused on the sincerity of the act and understand that there’s no better way to deal with the situation. A sincere apology doesn’t require any response, because it comes from the heart for the sake of expression.

Second component: The Art of Letting Go

Ask yourself what’s more important – the idea of being right or the relationship? Sometimes you’re really right, but in different situations we may find ourselves guilty. Whatever the circumstances, relationships are one of the most valuable assets that we own. It’s difficult to build them but easy to destroy.

Ways to Say I'm Sorry and Mean It

These are the two fundamental components of an apology. But what is the best way to apologize? We offer you to try these five ways:

5 Ways to Ask for Forgiveness Sincerely

  1. Hug. It’s one of the best ways to express a heartfelt apology. Physical contact can often cast away emotional distress.
  2. Find or write a poem. It should show how you feel about the person you want to apologize to. Just keep it very simple and put your heart into it. If it’s sincere, it will have the best effect.   
  3. Tell people why they are important. You can make up a list of top five things or select the most important one. Also write a note where you explain yourself and ask for an apology.
  4. Recollect good emotions. It may also be one of the best ways of how to say I’m sorry. And it’s easy to do it if you have a long-term relationship with the person whom you’re trying to ask for forgiveness. Select 10 photos of the places where you were together and had great fun. Add a note saying that these moments were magical and you cannot afford yourself to destroy all of them because of your mistake.
  5. Make a donation. It may sound strange, but it will work if you know to what charity the other person is giving money. Apologize with a receipt saying that actions speak louder than words, and that’s the action that you have taken to ask for forgiveness.

No matter, which strategy you select, it will work only if you feel sincere guilt for your actions and you are truly sorry.

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