A True Story Of The Purple Heart

The Purple Heart is known as the first military award in the history. Gen. George Washington was the person who developed and presented it in 1782. The trophy was designed to honor the soldiers who were courageous serving in the military. Being popular in the first period, the medal became soon outdated and was rarely used.

The years passed and in 1932, Douglas MacArthur led the movement to restore the medal. The guiding motif was to indicate the two-hundredth anniversary of Washington's birth. Again, the main purpose of the Purple Heart was to show the respect for the bravest servants, especially the ones who were wounded in combats. Therefore, the trophy changed its specification and in the period of the Second World War was bestowed to recognize the soldiers who were killed in actions.

Purple Medal

Who could get a Purple Hear medal

During some period of time, it was clarified how and with which kinds of various injuries the medal might be given. For example, the troopers who are taking part in different anti-terrorism operations from now on have the right to receive such an award. Also, the same right was given to the soldiers accidentally injured by weapons’ fire coming from own side.

The procedure itself is not much complicated. A serviceman can apply for the Purple Heart himself and be awarded in some period of time. Otherwise, command superiors bear witness the works and behavior of the person. So to say, the actions speak louder than the words. Very rarely, it happens that the application is denied.

Nowadays, the Purple Heart has already been awarded to more than a million of fighters who showed courage and were ready to face and endure pain and danger. Every year, a great range of actions are taken to protect and commemorate those who secure the life of millions of citizens of America.

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