7 Unexpected College Jobs

You are not a student if you haven’t been looking for some money during your college life. Or you are rich enough not to worry about that. Or your parents are sure that they have to provide you everything necessary for your life of joy (lucky bastard!). Others have to do their best to pay for  living. In some cases even finding a dollar on the pavement looks like the thing that deeply changes your day (or week). We start eating less, making 10 dollars saved last as long as possible. Surely you won’t argue that finding a job is the only way for solving that problem.                    


Distribution companies are often ready to offer a part-time job for college student. You can work while having free time in the morning, evening or even between classes. The method of selling can be any possible: you may sell products in the internet, in socials, or even walking from house to house and having special list of points to visit. That job can offer not a bad salary at all and occasionally it may take few hours a day for you to earn a financial support for yourself. 


Tutoring is a good job for those who had mastered a subject. In such a way your knowledge stay fresh and you have a chance to help a person who is still studying and has some problems with the subject. Moreover, that job is never done for free. I’ve chosen this way of earning money, for me it sounds like combo=))))

Campus Jobs

This kind of job is good for people who live on campus. You actually don’t need to go anywhere to work. The variety of jobs available is great: information desks, libraries and etc. Visit your career center and choose the one that fits you the best.


If you are a huge man with a long beard and most of your friends consider you to be a biker – position of babysitter is just for you. Actually, I’m just joking. The position of nurse or babysitter in most cases is considered to be female job. The job is usually a part-time one and is paid pretty well. You don’t need too many skills for babysitting and can make your own schedule according to client’s considerations to have enough time for everything. 

7 Unexpected College Jobs

Pet Walker

Having some troubles with kids? Try to become pet sitter at first. You can start with fishes (they don’t need walking and keep silent), then raise your level to hamsters, rats, cats, dogs, and then try dealing with children=)))). Sincerely saying, the job is not very complicated and requires only being on time at the place of dog/cat/hamster walking. Usually is paid good enough and takes time in the morning and evening.  

Uber Driver

Nice job for those who admire driving. You get about  $20 per hour, meet new people and to the think you like. Actually that’s a great way to make new friends. The company offers you to choose your working hours by your own and that’s an advantage. 


Blogging is one of the great ways of earning money in college. It takes not much time and everything you have to do is to promote your blog among friends in socials, write interesting articles and wait. Companies will offer you to place some ads, and money you get will depend on your site traffic. On the other hand your resume will attract more attention with information about successful blog managing. 

Earning money while being a student is the first step to becoming a grown-up. You learn responsibility and everything depends on yourself. So don’t be afraid of working and get everything from your life!

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