4 November, 2016

7 Great Mixer Ideas for Fraternities and Sororities

Life in Greek chapters can be quite stressful, mostly because there are so many cool things to organize and participate in. The best parties, in my opinion, are always the mixers where it’s easy to meet someone cute or just have simple co-op fun. Here are a couple of party ideas that can be interesting to implement in Greek housing.

Charity work.

I know you’re here mostly for greek party themes, but the best way to learn a person is to see him / her doing something philanthropic. Plus, there’s no shortage of hungry and poor in the world, and all of them deserve help.

Alcohol-free parties.

Some universities have stricter sobriety policies than others, and while no one would check what you’re doing in the privacy of your own dorm room, fraternities and sororities have standards to uphold. This is why a soda or water event is a good idea. You just need the right way to frame it.


Not all mixers need to happen at night. Sometimes, it might be refreshing to make some French toast and have a picnic if the weather is nice. Or, you can invite members of the other chapter over and just hang out inside.

Sporting events.

Campuses usually have no shortage of sports games. Grab some snacks and join in just for fun. Football is an obvious choice, but for your purposes, a volleyball or basketball game would be just as appropriate. Cheer for your team and do some bonding.


Any celebration is a good reason to invite everyone to a party and decorate everything. Halloween is always fun, as is Mardi Gras, New Year, and a bunch of others. You can even go with lesser known holidays, such as Space Exploration Day, and try and make a theme out of that.

Fraternity and Sorority Mixer Ideas

Socials with the staff and faculty.

Some of the mixers can actually be pretty useful for you. If you do a social with campus security representatives, they’ll be more likely to be nice to you. Just bring over pizza and get to know them, so you’ll never have to run away from them again. You can do something similar, though perhaps, more formal with the faculty members. Getting to know your teachers in a more relaxed social environment will make it much easier for you to communicate with them when it comes to business.

Speed dating.

This is a fun idea in general, and an especially good one when it comes to greek mixers. A speed date is ridiculously easy to organize: just turn on some music and put up some chairs. Some of your single members might even meet someone they can fall in love with. And if nothing like this happens, you’ll, at least, get to know each other better.

My best advice would be to focus on the activities that would be fun for everybody. Enjoy your time in college!

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