10 June, 2016

5 Festivals to Visit This Summer

Bay Area Brew Festival

August 2016

Bay Area Brew Festival every year gathers people who are in love with this wonderful cold drink and found themselves in brewery or tasting something new. Actually everything looks like a great effort to shake up local wine culture but in fact, beer culture which comes from Germany has gathered so many followers that nowadays I can hardly imagine café, restaurant or pub where one can’t have a glass of beer. The main aim of festival is having fun while tasting new sorts of beer. Best city food trucks are ready to serve every client and to help your beer to be accompanied with the tastiest food. Moreover, festival also provides sports broadcasting on wide screens and different music events. So, it’s up to you, which section to choose.     

Outside Lands

August 2016

Golden Gate Park in San Francisco each year gathers friends and addicts of local arts, music wine and food.  Annually the festival attracts nearly 60000 people from all parts of the country and even the world. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of performances by both famous and emerging artists, taste food and drinks, have fun during all days of festival. Among the headliners of the few past years there are: Metallica, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder and many others. As a great addition to high quality music playing, outside Lands provides great eating and drinking opportunities for each visitor. Be sure you’ve scheduled that affair into your time-table.     

Summer Festivals SF

Robot Film Festival

July 2016

One more great festival is Robot Film Festival which is held in June. It gathers all the achievements of robot techniques in cinema. Each visitor can see plenty of films featuring different kinds of robots, take part in live robotic demonstrations and see some robot-actors from different films by themselves. You will have an ability to talk to robot engineers and get to know some interesting facts about engineering process. All robot-fans are welcome!    

Fillmore Jazz Festival

July 2-3 2016

What can be better than relaxing live jazz music? Only jazz music outdoor combined with a warm summer day. Welcome to Fillmore Jazz Festival at San Francisco Bay Area. The festival gathers both amateur jazz bands and eminent musicians of this wonderful style. Being one of the biggest free jazz festivals annually it gathers around 100000 jazz fans. So, be free to visit Fillmore Street on July 2-3 2016 and get pleasure from soft sounds of jazz.     

Union Street Festival

June 4-5 2016

One of the traditional affairs of San Francisco, which is annual during one weekend in June, is Union Street Festival. The whole affair is divided into different parts and each of them represents different worlds: culinary, tech, craft, local and health. The festival itself is placed on 6 blocks of Union Street. Visitors are offered different performances, demonstrations, food and drinks tasting. Have a nice weekend while visiting Union Street Festival.

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