5 September, 2016

5 Cool Facts About Labor Day

Labor Day is hardly America’s favorite holiday. Halloween, Independence Day, and Christmas – all have certain traditions and customs associated with them, while Labor Day seems more like a political holiday. However, this day has an interesting history, which might make you appreciate it more. Here are a couple of interesting bits of information about Labor Day.

  • Labor Day does not have a specific date. Instead, it is celebrated on the first Monday of fall. This way it can mark the separation of seasons the way Memorial Day does with spring and summer. It also symbolizes the last warm days, when busy people can take their vacations.
  • Labor Day is almost always a day off. This holiday honors the hard work and effort of all the blue-collar laborers who made America a great country. It is only logical that they get a chance to rest and spend time with their families. Some people have cook outs, whereas the others go camping. Besides, there are those who just have a pint with their friends at the neighborhood pub.

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  • For many students, Labor Day marks the beginning of the school year. Most schools start classes five days before the holidays. The others begin immediately after, so families can have the last fun days together before everyone returns to work. It is quite common for parents to take vacation time around this holiday.
  • Labour Day, as it is called by our northern neighbors, celebrate this holiday at the same time as us. However, just as with football and metric system, things are a bit different around the world. International Day of Workers, also known as May Day, takes place on May 1st and more than 80 countries take part in the annual festivities.
  • Labor Day is a relatively old holiday. It first started in NYC in 1882. The local unions wanted to demonstrate their achievements in their respective industries. Just five years later, Oregon was the first to recognize this holiday on the state level. In 1894, Labor Day finally became a federally instituted holiday after 29 states decided that work of their people was something worth celebrating.

Therefore, despite Labor Day not being the flashiest or the most fun, it is quite worth it with colorful parades, fiery rhetoric of local politicians as well as spending some time with friends, colleagues, and family members.

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