4 Things You Might Have Forgotten about Christmas

In the recent years, Christmas has become so commercialized that it is hard to remember what the holiday is about in the first place. People in Japan, for example, celebrate this day with great gusto without the majority of them even being Christian. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, we should remember the true meaning of Christmas from time to time. 

Merry Christmas

  • Christmas is basically a worldwide birthday party for Jesus Christ. While there is some debates about the exact date of the Messiah’s birth, it is custom to celebrate on the 25th of December.
  • Religious people need to confess. The Lord is forgiving, but in order to be cleansed of your sins, you must come to Him. Remember that it is never late to come back to God.
  • There is a reason we share gifts, in addition to it being great fun! The wise men who have come to see Jesus brought him three presents of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And besides, birthday parties would not be complete without gifts.
  • Christmas trees are a much more recent tradition. It came from Nordic countries. In Slavic nations, a ball of hay was decorated instead.

Always remember that Christmas is the time for families and laughter. Enjoy your holidays!

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