4 Facts about Women's Equality Day in the US

It seems almost unrealistic and most certainly unreasonable that women were not allowed to vote till the 1920s. However, many people considered the 19th Amendment a controversial topic. Nowadays, Women's Equality Day is celebrated on August 26th, so let’s look at the journey that brought us to the modern state of affairs.

Women's Equality Day5

  1. It took the suffragette movement 40 years to achieve their goal. The amendment was first introduced in 1878. Its author, the legendary Susan B. Anthony, was famous at the time for voting in 1972 and getting arrested for it.
  2. Technically, the 15th Amendment, which was passed in 1870, allowed any citizen of the United States of America to vote. However, women were still arrested trying to exercise their right to suffrage. Their ballots were not accepted in most states.
  3. The importance of the 19th Amendment is often underappreciated. However, without it, women would have no opportunity to influence the policies that directly affect them.
  4. Officially, the Women's Equality Day was established in 1971. Bella Abzug, popularly known as “Battling Bella” for her courageous support of women’s movement, proposed the establishment of the holiday. Till now, various women’s organizations honor this day through helpful workshops and seminars.

Take advantage of this day to learn more about women’s organizations and initiatives in your area!

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