23 November, 2016

4 Curious Facts about Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because it proves that despite the xenophobia and hatred, people of different cultures can communicate and coexist peacefully. Also, it’s a great time to get together with your family and stuff yourself with delicious food. Here are a couple of interesting facts about Thanksgiving you might enjoy sharing.

4 Curious Facts about Thanksgiving Traditions

  1. Canada has Thanksgiving too. The first recorded celebration took place in 1578 to honor the success of Martin Frobisher’s expedition. The holiday was officially instituted by the Parliament in 1879. 
  2. The first American Thanksgiving is attributed to the celebration that took place in 1621. Wampanoag Indians and Plymouth colonists survived a complicated winter and started to socialize. It was not a traditional feast as it is shown in pictures and in school place. People got pretty drunk. They ate outside sitting on the floor and tried to speak in a broken mixture of two languages.
  3. Interestingly, scholars say that there was no turkey served during the feast. It was harder to catch, so a meal of ducks and geese is far more likely.
  4. Thanksgiving as an official celebration was instituted due to the efforts of one persistent lady, Sarah Josepha Hale. She was the editor of the popular Godey’s Lady’s Book and spearheaded the campaign in support of Thanksgiving. President Lincoln agreed with her in the end.

So get into the holiday spirit, be nice to your family members, even the ones you don’t like, and be grateful for all the great things in your life.

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