10 Unfamiliar Facts about St. Valentine’s Day


St. Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, no matter whether you love or hate it. The atmosphere of romance will overwhelm you, so use your chance to learn interesting facts about this holiday of love.

  • The Romans were first to introduce the holiday

According to one theory, the holiday originated from the Roman feast day of Lupercalia that honored fertility. According to the traditions, naked men spanked young maidens hoping to increase their fertility. Another theory suggests that Roman Emperor Claudius II attempted to strengthen his army and forbade young men to get married claiming that single men were better soldiers. St. Valentine was the priest who continued to hold marriage ceremonies secretly, which he was executed for on February 14.

  • St. Valentine’s Day is not the most popular holiday for card-giving

Recently, the Greeting Card Association estimated that around 190 million gift cards are exchanged on St. Valentine’s Day every year. According to this information, the holiday is the second most popular card-giving feast day, after Christmas.

  • Single women have good chances to find their life-partners

For every 100 single females in their 20s, there are 119 single men of the same age.

  • True love is easy to find

In the USA, over two million wedding ceremonies take place annually. This amounts to 6,000 weddings per day!

  • Men like to present flowers

Men make 73% of the flower sales during  St. Valentine ’s Day.

St Valentine's Day

  • Roses are the symbols of love

What was the favorite flower of the Roman goddess of love, Venus? Of course, the red rose! The flower symbolizes strong romantic feelings. So, it is obvious that roses are used in most bouquets sold on St. Valentine’s Day.

  • The expression “Wearing your heart on your sleeve” has a special meaning

In the Middle Ages, people drew the names of their secret lovers on the sleeves to let everyone know who is their Valentine.

  • Money can buy love

In 2009, an average US citizen spent near $102 on entertainment, gifts and meals during St. Valentine’s Day. Usually, most of that sum (nearly 67% was spent on a spouse) and the rest was spent on buying presents for children, colleagues, friends, and even pets.

  • The Americans have a strong passion for sweets

The National Confectioners Association estimated that the Americans bought around eight billion candy hearts as Valentine’s Day gifts in 2009.

  • Chocolate box is as old as 140 years

In 1868, Richard Cadbury introduced the first box of chocolates as a Valentine’s Day present.

Congratulations! You have revealed all the secrets of St. Valentine’s Day. Good luck in finding your Valentine!

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