10 Differences Between High School and College


College life differs from high school greatly. First of all, great difference occurs in your studying. Instead of having rather tight schedule and classes going one by one you have a possibility to plan your studying day all by yourself. If you are willing to have more weekends you may set all your classes in two or three days and the rest of week devote to something you like: leisure time, outdoor activities, travelling or anything you can come up with.


Now it is time to start forgetting your teachers. From now on there will be no mommy-teacher who will force you to do your homework. All of your assignments depend on you. Nobody will contact your parents because of tour class missing and in any case, you are the one to blame! Professors, in most cases, will just give you smaller grades instead of trying to make you study. That’s not because of their been mean or angry people, but because of having too many students. That’s why taking into consideration each one`s troubles is not their major priority. Unless you are really interested in subject and spend much time communicating with your professor on the subject.


College friendship differs greatly. There is always a person for you in the campus: you may be attending the same classes, sitting on the same bench with the cup of coffee in the morning or even live in the same room. These are people you spend much time with. Instead of high school life when you do some sports, having extra tasks or else what, in college all your leisure time is devoted to friendship – having fun, preparing to classes, travelling, creating many pleasant and memorable moments in your mind to remember for whole life.


Finals in college are nothing like your school ones. Set into one week, they make all of students live in the library, with the support of caffeine and a little bit of sleeping with the book in your hands. In most cases high school exams will look like a walk in the park – much time to prepare your studies and your brain. In college you have just to survive – one week to freedom =)


Being homesick is a great part of college life start. Parents who got on your nerves at school now seem to be so familiar and far away that you will never lose a moment to contact them. Hear their voice, hear that you are a lazy bone, criticizing your bad habits. Got offended? I really doubt. Even such talks make you feel at home for a sec and help you forget about hectic studying process.  


College vs. High School


Your meals are fully up to you now. Great variety of affordable food is lying under your legs. You may change your meals every day. You may keep eating the same every day. You can choose even eating hamburgers every day – that’s all up to you. Anyways, don’t forget to eat at least something during studying process, especially, when the finals come. (booooo)

Relationship (Love life)

There is nothing common between high school and college relationships. In college you meet absolutely different people from the whole world. Among them are those who are easy to interact with and those who are not. Everything depends on your communication skills and your will to find someone – just friend, “friend and a bit more”, or even your love. Each of students is busy with their own great amount of studying assignments, which means some of them put studying on the first place. What you choose is up to you.  

Having parties

Parties… Nothing could ever compare to a great college party. It can be held either outdoor, or even in your room. Nobody can force you do that but personally I think that parties are a great chance for students to spend leisure time and get lots of fun!


Sooner or later each student feels lack of some papers in the wallet. No, I don’t mean the bills. I mean money. Some of them you may be spent on studying materials and you shall not feel sorry for wasting your funds. But when you are offered to go to pub or disco, but your wallet tells you that it’s a bad idea, remember that all the materials you bought were really not cheap. The only advice is to try to look for some kind of a side job to fulfill your balance.


The biggest difference between high school and college is the fact you are a grown-up now. You learn to be responsible for your life, studyings, relationships. There are no parents by your side who will make everything for you. Nobody will make you study, wake you up early in the morning or make breakfast. That all stuff is now yours and you have to do your best to succeed.     

From now on you have all the roads opened and your whole life depends on you. You should never forget what your parents told you but have to make decisions by yourself.


You have only one chance to live the life you want, so use it wisely.

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