Character Analysis Essay: Comprehensive Steps towards Better Writing

Character analysis essay assignments are given particularly to those students who major in liberal arts and specifically in literature. In such cases, they are frequently assigned papers where they have to analyze characters from some specific literary works. As a rule, when performing character analysis...

Parallelism in Writing
Parallelism in Writing

Parallelism in writing can be defined as a tool that can sufficiently influence sentence structure. Moreover, it can also affect the meaning of thoughts presented in speaking and writing. Parallelism can be viewed as a repetition of grammatical elements...

“Why This Major?” Essay
Tips on How to Create a Good “Why This Major?” Essay

Your application paper is almost ready and you could have signed with relief if not the realization that the majority of the chosen educational establishments demand one more piece of writing, i.e. the “Why this major?” essay

Synthesis Essay
Submit a Perfect Synthesis Essay and Get the Best Grade!

Basically, this paper is a written discussion that aims to incorporate support for different views from different sources. When working on such a paper, you will need to work with a great number of...

Rhetorical Analysis
How to Write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

If you have never worked on writing a rhetorical essay before, this task may seem pretty daunting and complicated for you. Making a thorough rhetorical analysis is quite a challenging task to complete since it...

Main Parts of an Essay
Learn What Are the Main Parts of an Essay from Our Guide!

Creating a good essay is impossible without paying considerable attention to all its parts. Basically, your essay should include five main parts that are equally important. No matter if you are writing a compare and contrast essay, a persuasive essay, a cause and effect essay, or any other paper...

This Is What a Perfect Professional Email Signature Looks Like
This Is What a Perfect Professional Email Signature Looks Like

Previously, it was the job of letterheads and business cards to demonstrate one's personal or professional brand. But now, when we are...