Convincing Argumentative Essay: Facts, Guidelines, and Strategies

Have you ever tried to convince your buddies to adopt your way of thinking? Often, you come across situations where you need to have a certain stand and prove that your point of view is correct. In an argumentative essay, you need to take a position FOR or AGAINST a certain issue and convince your reader to trust or do something what you think is correct. In the argumentative essay, the writer is expected to utilize logic and corroborate his ideas with solid arguments and facts. Moreover, an effective argumentative essay should consider both sides of the dispute and include the combination of effective arguments and refutation of possible objections, so the paper appears as a balance of pros and cons. 

One of the typical mistakes that students are prone to make is the failure to consider the opposing side of the controversy, including the statement of the strongest points in the counter-argument. You can avoid this negligence if you show respect for the counter opinion, and do not dash off the opposing views. In contrast, the argumentative essay format represents the mode to think things through and show your ability to withstand the strong rebuttal of the counter opinion. Check some of our A+ argumentative essay examples to get a feel of the linguistic capacity to win the fight.

Structure of Argumentative Essay

Refute the counter arguments by anticipating their possible content. For this purpose, you can employ such a powerful writing tool as the structure of your paper. One of the typical structures of a well-written argumentative essay is given below.



Formulate your thesis statement: be precise about your topic, but do not present your evidence yet. The introduction also typically has a “hook” or “grabber”, a sentence that is supposed to catch your reader’s attention: this can be an unusual detail, quote, fact or question.


The main body is the “meat” of your essay

You are supposed to provide evidence in support of your opinion, and your main body should comprise, at least, three paragraphs. You can use the following evidence: facts, statistics, examples, and quotes as the valid proof of your claim. A good writer will attempt to anticipate the possible counter-arguments. To make your argument essay effective, dedicate one paragraph to consideration of counter-arguments along the main points of your essay.


The conclusion is the room where you summarize your discussion

Here you are supposed to give a brief summary of your thesis statement and summarize the main points of your discussion. Conclude your paper with the restatement of what you expect your readers to believe.

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Tips to create a well-organized argumentative essay

In argumentative essays, we learn how to convince others to agree with our standpoint, share our values, and accept our position in the argument. This goal is not easy to achieve, and here are some strategies that will help you to compose a powerful argumentative essay. 

  • Think of the questions posed in your thesis statement and determine the relevant facts, other authors’ opinions, and possible implications. Ask yourself questions, for example, which possible prejudice lies in the argument, which values are challenged with the argument and what do you think about the situation?
  • Stay focused on your point so your readers can follow your logical threat throughout the whole paper.
  • Prioritize the arguments and separate those that are important from those that you hold irrelevant within your analysis. Keep your voice active while using quotes to establish authority.
  • Use our A+examples of argumentative essays that will give you the idea of how to compose your paper.

Before you start drafting your paper, consider some of our sample topics for argumentative essays that might inspire you to come up with the subject you would like to research.  Should wild animals be tamed in zoos? Is not there too much commercialism on the Internet? Should the “right to die” be considered as right? Advertising: manipulation or information? Should alcohol be banned? Should cosmetic producer stop testing on animals? English as the global language.

Argumentative Essay Example

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