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Annotated bibliography writing is an activity that is considered quite difficult by many students. Anyway, in order to understand what it actually is, it is important to explain the very term. Bibliography is a list of sources used for writing any paper. The information below explains the term in more detail.

In case you have doubts regarding how to write an annotated bibliography, remember that it is a version of detailed information on sources used for the research. The full name of the source has to be provided, and it should end with annotation. The main aim of such source is to identify, explain, evaluate, and discuss subjects of the publications. Bibliography is used in different kinds of papers, including term projects, thesis, course works, book reports, dissertations, research papers, etc. It provides information on books, journals, and many other sources (printed or electronic), which were used for the research. In other words, it discusses the sources taken from the reference list. To make an annotated bibliography, it is necessary to concentrate on the main themes, arguments, and contradictions, which then have to be outlined in a short summary. Such summary must provide short information (not more than two sentences) about each source.

If it is difficult for you to answer the question: “How to make an annotated bibliography?”, it is recommended to pay your attention to the sources evaluation. It can be done in the form of a short review of the given sources. It helps determine whether the source relates to the topic or not, as well as evaluate if the topic is suitable for the paper you are going to write. If the source is appropriate and correlates with the intention of the writer, it can be called useful and make a great contribution to the further research. Still, in the writing process, the specific instructions of the tutor should also be taken into consideration.

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The Importance of Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography writing is considered by many students as dull and boring task. Still, professors make students complete this task all the time in the process of research work. Why is that so? The thing is that this activity is very often underestimated by students as there are many positive and useful moments in writing annotations.

From the annotated bibliography definition, it is seen that it has a specific aim and represents some claim. Close analysis of the given piece of writing will help you create a general outline of your future paper. With properly written annotation you will see what points should be paid more attention to and what can be simply excluded.

In addition to the above-mentioned, presence of bibliography will prove your involvement in the research process

As a result, your professor will see that the information used in your research was actually taken from different sources and not simply copied from the reference list of some free paper example downloaded from the Internet. Moreover, a well-written bibliography is a good sign of your personal dedication to the work you are doing.

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