How to Write an “About Me Essay” – Top Tips!

So, you have to write a personal essay i.e. an “about me essay,” but you are not sure where to begin. Sound familiar? If the answer is yes, you are not on your own. Writing an essay about oneself (a personal essay) can be difficult – possibly one of the most difficult things you will be asked to do regardless of whether it is part of some school work or for admission purposes e.g. to gain entry to some university or college. When writing a personal essay, you will need to take many things into account. These range from selecting the details that your readers are most likely to be interested in to turning your own life experiences into a compelling story and understanding how to discuss people and subjects around you in a way that does not cause offense or hurt.

How to Write Self Introduction Essay for College

Firstly, if you cannot think of things to write about yourself or would like to learn more about personal essay writing, you could consider taking writing lessons. These courses will explain the key skills you need along with possibly providing some great tips and advice on how to write successful essays. Even so, there are other things to understand about writing this type of essay – particularly if it is for the purpose of getting into college or university – the very first of which is finding a good idea upon which to base your writing.

Generating Ideas for a Personal Essay

When you are given a self introduction essay to write, you may also be given a prompt to get you started e.g. a teacher or tutor asks you to write about the happiest time you have known. Or you might have to begin completely afresh. Either way, finding a good idea is not the easiest of tasks. Try to focus on an unusual experience i.e. something that few people go through – in order for your essay to shine.

Remember that this is an “all about me paper.” Therefore, you need to focus on an important or memorable event such as your high school graduation day, your marriage, the day your child (or a sibling) was born, or something else that is really meaningful to you. Keep in mind, however, that a lot of people experience these things so your reader(s) may not find them especially interesting. Instead, try to think of things you struggled with or challenges you faced to make various milestones or achievement possible, and consider writing about these.

Want a good me myself and i sample essay about yourself for college? If so, try the Internet or a course where you will be taught useful “idea-generating” techniques. These can be useful if your creativity often comes to a standstill or if you think your ideas are not always very interesting. Here is a useful tip. Consider discarding the first ideas you come up – e.g. the initial five since these are ideas that a lot of other people are likely to have thought of. It is best, after all, not to write about topics that are identical to everyone else’s.

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Writing Introductions for About Me Essay – How to Begin

In this type of essay describe yourself, tell your life story, or focus on a single important journey or moment from your own life. Think of it as relating an interesting story. The worst ways to begin an essay about yourself include:

  • “My first name is Jennifer…”
  • “On the day of my birth…”
  • “The best time of my life was the time when …”

These introductions are not recommended because they do nothing to garner the interest of readers – because they are being told what they know already. And these beginnings are cliched – readers have probably already come across them numerous times.

Try beginning with an unexpected fact or anecdote or by describing an intriguing and vivid memory that fits directly with your essay’s topic. For example:

  • “The devastating hurricane ripped through the village. As I cowered in my bedroom, the terrifying noise …”
  • “After my first day in college, I discovered my beloved grandfather had succumbed to his illness.”

Handling Sensitive Subject Matter in an Essay

At times, writing an english essay about myself can mean touching upon sensitive subject matter. So how does one handle such material? The first thing to consider is your readers, so choose material that is audience-appropriate. For example, if your essay is part of an application for college or university it is appropriate to discuss such topics as poverty or drug abuse, but probably not that you previously cheated in high school exams.

You may be wondering – as lots of people do – how to talk about various people in your life without disclosing information that might reveal their identities or implicate them unwittingly in some situation or other. Remember this – it is acceptable to alter certain facts/details in this type of essay, e.g., people’s names or dates when appropriate.

Concluding Your Essay

Now, having dealt with the all about me essay introduction, there is the question of how to end a personal essay, which is sometimes much harder than beginning it. Your life story is not, after all, over yet. Here are some tips:

Firstly, when writing the “story of my life,” consider where the story you are relating ends. If, for example, you are discussing how you recovered after a loved one’s death, you might end your essay at the moment when the healing process began. If your essay is about how you overcame reading difficulties, you might end with the moment you first achieved an A in an English exam.

You could end in a way that mirrors your beginning. If your essay is about how you overcame reading difficulties, why not close by describing how you have since helped others with similar difficulties.

Creative thinking is the key to writing one’s personal life story

Do not forget that while the content of your essay may be true, you should not approach it with the mindset of a creative writer. However, if it is difficult to write an essay on your own, we can help with writing a college admission or application essay. Just go to order page, fill in the form and receive great personal essay within your deadline.

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